Doggy Daycare: The Best Way to Help Your Dog Adjust for Your Return to Work
The Dog Ranch Sydney

COVID-19 has kept us all home more than usual as the theory of working from home has now been put to the test across the globe, and although lockdown restrictions have been frustrating for us, our dogs have been enjoying having us at home.

Now, after months of being with your dog at home, many of us are returning, at least part time to the office. This transition might be incredibly challenging for your dog, who has got used to having you around all the time. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help your dogs to readjust to everyday life once you start going back to work. Here are some tips that can help your dog in this transition.

Implement Routine and Activities

Abrupt changes in routine can cause stress or separation anxiety in dogs. If you are going back to work after months of working from home, you should make this transition as smooth as possible. Having a structured routine will help your dog feel secure and comfortable.

Practice Leaving Your Pet Alone

Weeks before returning to work, start leaving your pet alone for short periods. Try not to make it a big deal, and always stay calm when saying hello or goodbye.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercise

Try to give your dog some exercise before you leave so that they are ready for a rest by the time you go. Playing or taking your dog for a walk once your return is also a good idea. Try to be consistent with these activities so that your dog can get used to a new routine.

Distract them When Alone

Giving your dog a new puzzle toy can help distract them while you are away.

Enrol your dog in doggy day care

Daycare is a great choice to give your dog the socialization and exercise they need while you are absent. While in daycare, your dog will:

  • Socialise and make friends with other dogs of various sizes and breeds
  • Get all the exercise they need to remain healthy
  • Gain mental stimulation through agility games and finding hidden treats
  • Learn how to deal with separation anxiety
  • Get its lunch or medication, if needed

As our lives begin to return to our new normal, it’s crucial to think about your dogs’ well-being. Enroling your dog in the right doggy daycare will give you the peace of mind that your dog is being taken care of by an experienced team.

The Dog Ranch: A Great Choice

Our facility has a large open space for your dog to run around, chase balls, have a splash in the pond, and rumble with the pack. We also provide hours of ball throwing, ramp runs, and rope tugs to cater for all energy levels. We also allocate some quiet time each day to ensure that your dogs are not overtired and we even have an air-conditioned lounge to accommodate for less active dogs. All of this is provided by a loving, experienced team who will ensure that your dog has a great day out.