Doggy Day Care

Many dogs become bored and anxious when left home alone, which may manifest into a variety of undesirable behaviours, such as chewing, nuisance barking, howling, or shredding of household items. Doggy day care is a great way to relieve their boredom and reduce anxiety while provide your dog socialisation, exercise and mental stimulation while receiving plenty of love and attention in a safe and caring environment.

We accept dogs from 4 months of age provided they are fully vaccinated. While we welcome all dogs, we do separate entire (non-desexed) puppies and have designated the days as follows:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – non desexed female dogs allowed.  Tuesdays and Fridays – non desexed male dogs allowed.

Of course if your dog is desexed and you provide us with a certificate from your Vet, they are welcome each and every day at the Dog Ranch.

We do first visit assessments on either Monday or Friday and recommend no more than a half day on the first visit (up to four hours) and ideally a mid morning drop off to allow the morning energy to burn off a little.


Dogs are social animals and need to be around other dogs and people to learn how to behave appropriately. Our doggy day care provides a safe and controlled environment for your dog to play with other dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities. We have four separate areas so that we can separate dogs into different play groups depending on size, age and temperament and closely supervise your dog to ensure that they are not being overwhelmed or behaving badly.

The better socialized your dog is, the more confidence they have when playing with other dogs, meeting new people and adapting to new environments. It also reduces the chances of developing reactive and fear-based behavioural issues.

We perform a behavioural assessment on your dog’s first visit.  See the Enrolment form tab for full terms and conditions.


Exercise is critical for your dog to maintain their fitness, immunity, and overall health. The Dog Ranch provides a large open space for your dog to run around, chase balls, have a splash in the pond and rumble with the pack. We also provide hours of ball throwing, ramp runs and rope tugs to cater for all energy levels. We also allocate some quiet time each day to ensure that your dogs are not over tired and we even have an air-conditioned lounge to accommodate for less active dogs.

Mind stimulation

Your dog benefits the most when mental stimulation is paired with physical activity. The Dog Ranch not only provides plenty of exercise, but also some mental challenges such as finding hidden treats in interactive toys, obedience training, tunnel time and an agility course.